Intern Trainees at UNG RITHY GROUP CO., LTD

The previous activities that the Japanese employers used to visit and have directly interview the Technical Intern Trainees at UNG RITHY GROUP CO., LTD.

UNG RITHY GROUP CO., LTD has a wide space to provide convenience to the Japanese employers and supervising cooperatives to have their interviews and do tests effectively and directly with the Technical Intern Trainees.

Moreover, even in the recent circumstance, due to the good reputations of UNG RITHY RGOUP CO., LTD, we always got the confidence and trust of the supervising cooperative, accepting organization from almost all the regions in Japan.

The demands and needs of Technical Intern Trainees or Specified Skill Workers as well, keeping send to UNG RITHY GROUP CO., LTD constantly.

The online interviewed tests have their own good advantage in completion of the needed demands from the accepting organization punctually.

UNG RITHY GROUP CO., LTD is an organization making the high qualification of manpower that’s full of equity for both Technical Intern Trainees and partners in Japan.

Every time, we are pleased to welcome all of you, ladies and gentlemen, if you are interested in us.

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